Bonamat Milk and Hot Chocolate heater

Bonamat Milk and Hot Chocolate heater

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The double walled containers of the H(C)M-series is developed for heating large quantities of hot (chocolate) milk quickly by the bain-marie method. The hot water reservoir assures an even distribution of heat and prevents burning or sticking. Easy operation and maintenance, robust stainless steel appearance, adjustable thermostat equipped with indicator lamp. 
Hygienic: flush inside kettle and easy to clean parts. Optimal mixture of the beverage thanks to handy stirring/measuring stick (HM) and special stirring device (HCM). The containers can be transported easily so you can serve hot beverages anywhere you like. 

Model: container
Holding capacity: 10 litres
Opwarmtijd: approx. 25 minutes
Rated power 230V~ 50/60Hz: 2850W 
Dimensions (Øxh): 290x438 mm

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